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Glory, Glee, Grover and Garrulous IWiGgle are a litter of colourful brindle hound pups crocheted using variegated kringle sparkle yarn.


IWiGgles are part of IWaG's signature merchandise range and only a few "litters" of these baby greyhounds are available each year.  Smaller than their grown up friends, the IWaGgles, these pups make greyt gifts.

Crocheted by our talented IWaG volunteers using man-made yarn, each one is unique, named and comes with an adoption certificate on request.

Get your paws on these pups before they sell out.


Price includes postage.
Original pattern credit to Kerry Lord.


This is an IWaG branded item.  A 15% discount applies to members who enter their discount code when checking out.

Colourful Brindle IWiGgles