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About IWaG

IWaG’s mission is to find forever pet homes for all greyhounds placed in our care.

I Want A Greyhound (IWaG) Inc. is a registered not-for-profit greyhound rehoming, education and support charity. 

Who we are

IWaG is run completely by our members and volunteers - our Hound Crew! The founders, members, volunteers and supporters of IWaG are passionate about greyhound welfare.

Our philosophy

One of IWaG’s core philosophies is that we will not harm other animals while undertaking our greyhound rehoming work. We are opposed to the harming of any animal and the use of animals for entertainment. Examples include a prohibition on the sale of animal products.

What we do...

As well as rehoming, we believe it is important to focus on educating the wider community about the welfare of greyhounds by building a strong, supportive greyhound loving community and network of partners.

How you can help...


One of the best ways to help support IWaG is by making a donation. With your generosity, we can plan confidently and budget more effectively. Donations $2 and over are tax-deductible. Check out our Regular Giving page to find out more!


We are a totally volunteer-run charity and always grateful for offers of assistance.

You can get involved with IWaG in a number of ways. Find out more about volunteering

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