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I Want A Greyhound (IWaG) Inc. is a registered not-for-profit greyhound rehoming, education and support charity.

IWaG’s mission is to find forever pet homes for all greyhounds placed in our care.


The founders, members, volunteers and supporters of IWaG are passionate about greyhound welfare. We are opposed to the harming of any animal and the use of animals for entertainment.

One of IWaG’s core philosophies is that we will not harm other animals while undertaking our greyhound rehoming work. Examples include a prohibition on the sale of animal products.


As well as rehoming, we believe it is important to focus on educating the wider community about the welfare of greyhounds by building a strong, supportive greyhound loving community and network of partners.

Hound of the Month

Meet Joey!


Blue brindle boy, Joey is a lovely 4.5 year old who is living happily with small dogs.


He has just been desexed and will be ready for adoption once he's recovered.
Joey has not been cat tested.

You can find our more about Joey on the "Adopt" page.

Hounds in homes


Handsome blue fawn boy Butch settled straight into his foster home with greyhound sister Tana.
Butch has been having a greyt time lounging around when he isn't on greyhound walks with all his new friends.

Butch has a large, devoted, extended family and has won everyone over with his calm, gentle nature.

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