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IWaG is run completely by our members and volunteers - our Hound Crew!
This means we are always grateful for offers of assistance.

You can get involved with IWaG in a number of ways such as:

  • Helping run our stalls at events

  • Transporting greyhounds

  • Making merchandise

  • Organising fundraisers

  • Professional skills such as administration, social media and photography.


Fill in the form below if you are interested in volunteering for IWaG and one of our team will get back to you.

Volunteer application

How can you help IWaG?

I can offer the following skills, knowledge and expertise:

I am interested in volunteering in the following roles (eg admin, transport, fundraising, events)

I am able to volunteer in these locations (eg Gold Coast, Brisbane Northside, etc)

Thanks for your interest in volunteering for IWaG! Our team will be in touch via return email in the next couple of days!

By completing the above, you consent that you are happy to be contacted by IWaG by email and emailed newsletters about membership, fundraising and other activities. Please note, your details will not be shared and you will only receive emails from IWaG.

We believe in a work-life balance and aim to be a volunteer community that is friendly, respectful, enjoyable and supportive.

IWaG is a not for profit organisation committed to rehoming greyhounds into loving forever homes, without harming other animals. We are opposed to the use of animals for entertainment and do not fundraise through the sale of food or products where an animal has been harmed. IWaG is run entirely by volunteers who contribute their time, knowledge, skills and experience.

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