Welcome to the IWaG shop

The IWaG Shop provides much-needed funds to help with our rehoming, education and support work.

IWaG's talented Hound Crew hand-make many of our regular merchandise lines and one of a kind items that you'll find in our shop. You'll find our coveted IWaGgles, which are our signature merchandise item - if you ask one of the Hound Crew nicely,we might even make a replica of your hound. Don't forget to check out the "Hound Essentials" collection which will have items every new hound owner needs. We also have specialty pieces and donated items available to purchase.​

One of IWaG’s core philosophies is that we will not harm other animals while undertaking our greyhound rehoming work. This means we don't use animal products in our fundraising, so when you buy something from the IWaG Shop, you can feel confident that we have already done these checks for you.

Remember to check our shop regularly, as we add unique merchandise created by our Hound Crew as it becomes available.

Our online shop is managed by volunteers, please be patient and understanding if it takes a few hours to get a reply.

If you have any questions about our shop, contact vicki@iwag.com.au