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Become a foster carer

Foster carers slowly and gently introduce their greyhound to pet life.  

Almost all of our greyhounds come from a racing kennel environment, living a very different sort of life to pet dogs.


Being a pet is a whole new, exciting and sometimes scary experience for them. Patience is an essential element of fostering.

Why foster?

  • Fostering saves lives
  • Foster carers are a vital part of our rehoming process
  • Fostering is a great alternative if you can't adopt
  • Fostering gives you the chance to decide if a greyhound is the right breed for your family

What we provide...

IWaG sample foster care pack

  • collar

  • id tag

  • lead and muzzle

  • food and water bowl

  • bed and/or cratecoat (in winter)

  • first 2 weeks dry food

  • flea/tick/worming treatments

  • Treats, toys and other food (depending on donations)​

sample foster care pack_edited.jpg

Greyhounds looking for foster carers

Click each photo to read more about the hounds.

Interested in fostering?

If you are interested in fostering, please fill in our Greyhound Foster Application form.


​N.B. if you are looking to both foster and adopt a greyhound, please complete our Greyhound Adoption Application form, specifying this in the second last question.

What our fosters carers say...


We truly love Amy here and can't imagine life without her, but I know in our hearts there will be a 

family who will feel the same devotion to her as we do.


We love seeing the hound develop their own personalities as they settle. It is a truly rewarding experience and I love in particular being able to help more dogs than if we adopted just one.

My partner and I can't commit to adopting a dog yet, so we love fostering because it means we still get dog cuddles. Plus we get to "test" different hounds that might suit when we are ready to adopt.


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