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Hounds with Homes

IWaG was established on 1 July 2018 and since then over 130 lucky hounds have found their fur-ever homes.

Check out the gallery below to see some of our happy hounds in homes, or read the adoption story of Pixie - IWaG's first official adoption.

Adoption story - Pixie

By Victoria

My partner and I became obsessed with sighthounds after babysitting a quirky whippet back in 2016. After researching various breeds, we knew without a doubt in our minds that rescuing a greyhound was the right choice for us. We just felt that there were too many hounds out there facing harsh circumstances and we wanted to do whatever we could to help a gentle hound find its forever home. When the time came when we were finally ready to adopt, we spent weeks looking through various adoption groups and finally discovered IWaG.


Pixie’s face caught our attention straight away and we just knew she was the dog for us.

Cam Pianta (6).jpg

We got in touch IWaG immediately and ended up speaking a lot with the IWaG Adoption Coordinator who was amazing, answered all of our questions and provided tons of support leading up to the adoption and throughout Pixie’s trial period. The reassurance and help the IWaG team gave us was truly appreciated as we had never adopted a pet before and were unsure of what to expect.


We finally adopted Pixie in November 2018 – and learned that she was IWaG’s first adoption success!

Cam Pianta (1).jpg

During the first month, Pixie was a timid and quirky little hound. Walks didn’t happen for the first 2 weeks as she would freeze at the driveway - petrified of sounds, cars, and other dogs as she hadn’t had much experience with them.

She jumped a lot and had a funny habit of stealing the toilet paper to gift to us.


IWaG put us in touch with a fabulous trainer who coached us on how to communicate with Pixie, create a bond with her and train her.

After Pixie’s first month with us, we finally got her walking to the end of the street – a major success!


We worked with her every day. Some days were great and some days her anxiety would come back. With a bit of patience, love and consistency we had a completely different dog on our hands around the 6 week mark.

She began roaching, she had a new found confidence with other dogs and could barely contain her excitement whenever a stranger looked her way. We’ve had Pixie for about 4 months now and can’t imagine life without her. She’s a quirky, sassy, confident dog that makes us laugh nearly every day.

Pixie goes to work with my partner daily and it looks like the office life was made for her. She lounges 90% of the day but always looks forward to zoomies at the park in the afternoon.


If my partner works overtime, she nudges him to make him well aware that her daily zoomies are late.

It always brings a smile to our faces watching this beautiful dog learn new things every day – from playing with toys, to interacting with other dog breeds and learning commands.


We can’t wait to see how our newest family member continues to transform in the months to come.

Photos shared with the kind permission of Cam Pianta Instagram @campianta

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