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Dakota's Heart

IWaG corner store

Dakota's Heart is a place for our talented volunteers to flex their creative muscles - here you'll find one of a kind artwork, be able to purchase brand new merch items and maybe even score a custom piece just for you. Unlike other areas in the IWaG shop, the profits from these items will be shared with global greyhound and sighthound charities such as Candy’s Hound Rescue International and Free the Galgo.
Read more about the inspiration for the Dakota's Heart initiative below.

Dakota's Heart items can be combined with standard shop items - if you spend over $100 use the code SHIPDISC for 10% off.
June 2022
50% of the 2021/2022 proceeds from Dakota's Heart were donated to Candy's Hound Rescue International.
Candy's Hound Rescue Internatiol Logo_ed
June 2023
100% of the 2022/2023 proceeds from Dakota's Heart were used to purchase Candy's Hound Rescue International 'Flights to Freedom' merchandise to help raise funds to fly rescued dogs from China's meat trade to forever homes in the UK.

About the Dakota's Heart Initiative

Dakota’s Heart was created in loving memory of all our greyhounds running free at the Rainbow Bridge.


Dakota was a beautiful brindle girl with a big personality. She was affectionate, funny, cheeky, sweet, clever and stole hearts wherever she went. Dakota was also born deaf and shared her shenanigans through her facebook page Dakota – I Hear With My Heart.

Dakota passed away suddenly just weeks after her 8th birthday and the incredible love she shared with her family and friends is the inspiration for Dakota’s Heart.

Dakota was one of IWaG’s foundation hounds, attending IWaG’s launch in July 2018 and many other events where she lapped up the attention, showed off her knowledge of sign language and ate as many treats as possible.

Her Mum and IWaG co-founder says Dakota was “So, so special, not because she was deaf, but because of her spark, her spirit, her sensitivity to moods, her determination to get her own way, her expectation that all who met her needed her snuggles.”

Dakota's Heart was launched as an opportunity to both fundraise for IWaG's rehoming, education and support work and contribute to sighthound rescue and global greyhound causes outside of IWaG. 

If you would like to get crafty and support IWaG and the Dakota's Heart Initiative, head to our Volunteer page for more information.

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