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Greyhound Adoption, Education and Support



I Want A Greyhound (IWaG) Inc. is a registered not-for-profit greyhound rehoming, education and support charity.

IWaG’s mission is to find forever pet homes for all greyhounds placed in our care.


The founders, members, volunteers and supporters of IWaG are passionate about greyhound welfare. We are opposed to the harming of any animal and the use of animals for entertainment.

One of IWaG’s core philosophies is that we will not harm other animals while undertaking our greyhound rehoming work. Examples include a prohibition on the sale of animal products.


As well as rehoming, we believe it is important to focus on educating the wider community about the welfare of greyhounds by building a strong, supportive greyhound loving community and network of partners.

One of the best ways to help support IWaG is by making a regular monthly donation. Because of your generosity, we can plan confidently and budget more effectively. Donations $2 and over are tax-deductible and we will provide you with an annual receipt summary for your tax purposes. Check out our Regular Giving page here to find out more!

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We are a registered charity, so all donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you are making a donation, include your email address as a payment reference when transferring and we will send you a receipt!

Otherwise, you can request one from

Hound of the Month - Billy


Billy is the epitome of gentleness, intelligence, and love wrapped up in a low-energy package. This smart and affectionate boy has discovered his playful side and delights in dragging his toys around the apartment, but his true passion lies in lounging on his various beds or cooling off on the cold tiles.

He is content to relax on his bed while you enjoy your meal. Indoors, he's a model of good behaviour, with no accidents in sight and a mastery of the stairs.

When it's time for a walk, Billy's excitement is palpable, and he's learned to sit and soak in the beauty of his favourite sunset spot before indulging in a refreshing splash in the river. A pro on the leash, Billy walks like a dream and is friendly towards other dogs, birds, and kids. While he may be alert around small dogs, his demeanour remains calm and free of aggression.

Billy's social nature extends to his love for meeting new people and receiving pets, all while enjoying his favourite frozen banana treats, car rides, and peaceful nights of uninterrupted sleep.

If Billy is the hound you've been waiting for, complete the Greyhound Adoption Application.

Hounds in homes - Megs

adopted 1.jpg

In an unexpected twist of fate, what started as a temporary fostering arrangement blossomed into a forever bond for Megs, a greyhound whose charm was too irresistible for her foster family to let go. Initially, the family had no intentions of adopting, yet Megs, with her gentle demeanour and playful spirit, quickly became an integral part of their lives.

Alongside Bambie, the family's senior 13 year old dog, Megs found her place, adding youthful energy and joy to their home. The decision to officially welcome Megs into the family was cemented during a visit from relatives overseas, who saw the unmistakable connection and encouraged the family to adopt her.

Born in January 2020, Megs has been on countless adventures with her family, from beach outings to trips to Bunnings, revelling in the joy of car rides and new experiences. Her first birthday with the family was celebrated with a special birthday box, a testament to their love and the many happy years ahead. Megs has also proven to be a vigilant guardian, alerting her family to the presence of a possum in the backyard with a few short barks and a growl. Her nights began in a crate, but curiosity and comfort soon led her to explore and find cozy spots next to her family members.

Megs’s playful nature shines through in her love for soft toys and the excited barks she lets out when someone plays along. Despite her calm demeanour, she's known for her humorous antics, like sneakily stealing plush toys from the daughter's room, showcasing her playful and mischievous side. Her beautiful personality, a blend of calmness and fun, has made her an irreplaceable member of the family, bringing smiles and laughter to everyone around her.

Her journey from a foster hound to a beloved family member highlights the unexpected paths that comes from opening one's home to a greyhound. Megs’s story is a heartwarming reminder of the deep bonds that can form between families and their foster pets, turning what might seem like a temporary arrangement into a lifelong love story.

Are you thinking about adding a greyhound to your family? Check out profiles on some of our hounds looking for forever homes

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