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Greyhounds make "greyt" pets

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​Welcome to IWaG!

Greyhound Adoption, Education and Support



I Want A Greyhound (IWaG) Inc. is a registered not-for-profit greyhound rehoming, education and support charity.

IWaG’s mission is to find forever pet homes for all greyhounds placed in our care.


The founders, members, volunteers and supporters of IWaG are passionate about greyhound welfare. We are opposed to the harming of any animal and the use of animals for entertainment.

One of IWaG’s core philosophies is that we will not harm other animals while undertaking our greyhound rehoming work. Examples include a prohibition on the sale of animal products.


As well as rehoming, we believe it is important to focus on educating the wider community about the welfare of greyhounds by building a strong, supportive greyhound loving community and network of partners.

One of the best ways to help support IWaG is by making a regular monthly donation. Because of your generosity, we can plan confidently and budget more effectively. Donations $2 and over are tax-deductible and we will provide you with an annual receipt summary for your tax purposes. Check out our Regular Giving page here to find out more!

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We are a registered charity, so all donations over $2 are tax deductible. If you are making a donation, include your email address as a payment reference when transferring and we will send you a receipt!

Otherwise, you can request one from

Hound of the Month



Sprite is a cute and cheeky 5.5 year old girl looking for a forever home. Sprite's an active girl who enjoys walks, car trips and the water, so would fit right in with an active household. She loves to make new friends, happily accepting pats when out on sniffaris and excitedly greeting visitors to her foster home. She's a clever girl who's very fond of food (hers or yours), she also likes to hide small 'treasures' (your shoes) but is never destructive - you will just find them in her bed. Sprite would be best suited to an experienced dog owner that will maintain consistent boundaries and continue to build her confidence with training. Sprite would prefer to be an only dog and is best suited to a home without young children. She is not cat friendly.

If Sprite is the hound you've been waiting for, complete the Greyhound Adoption Application.

Hounds in homes


Adorable black girl Cyndie has been adopted, with her emergency foster family becoming the newest members of our Failed Foster Carer Club!

Cyndie's Mum and Dad describe her journey from foster to forever hound.

"Cyndie, or Cyndie Sparkles as we call her, has seamlessly fit into our household, bringing so much joy and love into our lives.  We set out intending only to foster Cyndie, who needed a new home urgently, and we had firm boundaries around when she needed to move on by.  After a few weeks, we noticed a sweet relationship forming between her and our big, shy boy Bob.  Cyndie, an outgoing and social hound by nature was helping Bob's confidence grow by demonstrating through her happy-go-lucky approach to life that there is nothing to be worried about.

Slowly our firm boundaries softened and we started to think about becoming a two-hound household.  We considered what a second hound would mean for Bob's wellbeing, our future plans and expenses.  We decided, without that much hesitation, that the joy of having Cyndie in our lives permanently was too special to pass on.

We adore Cyndie's sassy, affectionate personality and boy, does she have a big personality for a tiny 27kg girl.  She loves a cuddle and, in the evening, will stare at us from across the room, beckoning with her big brown eyes to come pat her.  If we run late with her morning walk, she huffs, puffs, throws herself on a bed and playfully chews her legs.  She is the fastest learner I've met (hound or human) and already has a good grasp on sit, twirl and on your bed.  She is the Queen of Roaching, she can and will do it anywhere provided there is a semi-soft surface to lie on.
Her sweet and playful personality has brought so much happiness into our home, and we couldn't imagine our lives without her."

Are you thinking about adding a greyhound to your family? Check out profiles on some of our hounds looking for forever homes

Foster carers required

Visit the Foster page for more information.

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